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Chancer got his 1st Award!!
He is SOOOOOooooo excited!!
Yay! Chancer! (He was so happy,
he almost started to cry
with delight! But he turned on
his smilin beam lights instead!)

Chance thanks Rasky, Rick, and Bobbie
from the bottom of his heart
for such an honorable award of love
by showing off his sweetest smile!
And then he goes "Woof" to Rasky! :)
If you'd like to meet Rasky
and his family
...go to his FunHouse!
Just click on his picture
and you'll be on your way!


Rick, Bobbi, and Rasky
even surprised Chance with such a beautiful
banner all his own,
and you know what?????
Thank you SOooooo much
for the love you all have shown! (April 2000)



Oh! Chance's Blues Clues!! Guess What! Today Chance is one happy 2 year old!! A very sweet Sister of Mom-Mom's in LOTH presented him with a beautiful (guess!?!) Dolphin globe! Oh thank you lovely Shari! It is so enchanting! "If you listen, you can almost hear them singing for me!" Chance, imagines.


Please enjoy a visit to her site with a click-through on Chance's Dolphin globe! You'll be glad you did. She's got heart for sure!(And she has a wonderful website!)


Chance has made a special friend, a earthbound guardian angel that worked hard to present him with webpage of a beautiful prayer poem of his own at her site! Go see! Thank You so much LadyBlue2000! Chance sends her a BIG cyber hug!! She has a beautiful site with much from her heart and soul! And everyone can use many guardian angels, don't you think? :)

starla's award of excellence

Thank you Starla :)



AWWW!! Thank YOU Melissa & Belinda! New Friends from Down Under! We love dolphins & I love Blue!!

unicorn award

This beautiful award was given to Chance by Puddinz and he accepts it with a bright smile! Thank you SOoo much!

honeybee's award

Honeybee awarded Chance's site this beautiful award!! Yay Chancer!! This came directly from her beautiful heart! And Chance passes her a sweet thank you!

Honeybee has two beautiful children, Nathan and Mikayla and they gave Chance some gifs!! There's those shining beamlights again!

bluesclues globe

OH THANK YOU Nathan, I LOVE BLUE!! Maybe some day we can play ball?"

mouse globe

Chance want to reach out and hug Mikayla for this beautiful globe! He thanks her with his biggest grin!


Oh, is Chance EVER so excited! He got a valentine for Valentine's Day 2001!! Yay! Thank you so much Sandy! Your love of children shines thru and beyond your big heart!

poo & friends

A big hug and thank you goes to Di! (Psstt! Chance wants you to know that his mom LOVES Poo and his friends so much and is happy they are here!


Winnie the poo & friends

Lady Paje also sent Poo and his gang
out to keep Chance company! Thank you Lady Paje!!

Winnie the poo & friends
Chance has a HEART!!
That's what Wendy says! And gave him this great award!! Thank you Wendiesioux!

site award

A very special thank you to the webmaster at MyParentime for bestowing this award to Chance for having a site that is both educational and making the web a better place!





Sign Chance's Prayerbook, please!




Chance says, "Slide on down my rainbow
to my special links!"

get this gear!



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Created for Lilbossee
by "Mom-Mom" mistamar
Created April 18, 2000
Updated February 3, 2001

Learn more of Chance ahead!
Good life and Godspeed!