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Ahoy Mates!

Have you ever looked overboard some ship-side to see the dolphins play?

The reason behind this question is as simple as this:

Chance, our son was born with infant pre B ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia which is cancer of the blood). He was diagnosed at the age of 10 weeks old. We marveled almost from the beginning of conception of how wonderful it would be when Chance arrived in the world to be with us! (Speaking as a MOM, I know that you can understand the excitement of having a new baby!)

The dolphin is our symbol of our wonderment in the same way that childbirth is to others.

When most parents are just beginning to learn what parenting is all about, we got an education that most people would never dream about!

We have learned patience and the full meaning of courage and what faith, living, love, and life is all about.


For a special reason we named out newest son "Chance," never knowing at the time that his given name was going to give us the personal faith, (along with faith we carried inside already) that would keep us ALL going. Our "Chancerman" is an inspiration to us and all who have met him!


We have learned to take each day as it comes. To appreciate all things given in the course of each day. Spending endless time in pediatric intensive care, moving up with each day that there were improvements with Chance, finally going into the floor of a "regular" room. All the pain, all the instruction, all the trials and errors of treatment for the cancer that was invading his new little body, multiplying faster than we could count. Holding our breath in anticipation (whether the results were good or bad), prayer, endless hours watching his tiny face (that should only be learning the miracles of what new life and living is about) yet, somehow he has always managed a weak smile to let us know that he somehow IS strong and is hanging in there with us!


by Inez Franck
An beautiful short poem that helped us inside

Chance is in remission now. No more pain, no more chemo treatments, no more spinal taps, no more blood withdrawn from our son who didn't understand WHY?


But what will tomorrow bring? Prayers are still welcome and all said greatly appreciated!

Chance now anticipates each new day with awe as he plays, learns, eats and sleeps just as any happy child should be as he approaches his second year of life!

The tomorrow has come, along with it a relapse - July,2000

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Updated August 15, 2000

By LilBossie and "Mom-Mom" mistamar2u